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Funking Conservatory Bang Heavyweight Championship Belt Dory Funk Jr’s wrestling

Funking Conservatory Bang Heavyweight Championship Belt Dory Funk Jr’s wrestling

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Introducing the World Champion Belt Buckle: A Luxurious Piece of Wearable Art

Are you looking for the perfect accessory to showcase your winning spirit or to reward someone special for their achievements? Look no further than our stunning World Champion Belt Buckle! Elegantly crafted and designed to make a statement, this highly impressive belt buckle will undoubtedly elevate your collection.

Breathtaking Design and Craftsmanship

Our World Champion Belt Buckle is a true masterpiece, boasting a dazzling dual plating of gold and nickel on the solid brass plates. This stunning combination creates a fascinating contrast between the two metallic finishes, resulting in a unique and eye-catching design.


The intricately detailed artwork on the belt buckle depicts the prestigious title of “World Champion,” symbolising the drive and determination needed to be the best of the best. With the high-quality materials used, this buckle will not only look great but also last for years to come.

Genuine Leather Strap for Comfort and Style

The World Champion Belt Buckle is bonded to a genuine leather strap that not only feels soft and supple against the skin but is also incredibly durable. This high-quality strap will maintain its appearance, remaining supple and comfortable to wear, regardless of how often it’s used. Pair this statement-making belt buckle with your favourite outfit, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

An Excellent Gift Idea

Reward yourself or someone special with the World Champion Belt Buckle! It’s a beautiful gift for the athlete or achiever in your life or as a statement piece for the belt collector. This beautiful champ-inspired belt is perfect for commemorating achievements or representing one’s winning spirit. It’s a fitting reward to highlight and honor the accomplishments of those who work hard and excel in their chosen field.

International Shipping and Customs

We ship our World Champion Belt Buckle as a gift parcel, ensuring minimal charges, duties, or taxes applied by the customs of any country. Buyers may be responsible for any additional charges that apply to your country; however, these charges are generally minimal.

In conclusion 

The luxurious design and high-quality materials make this World Champion Belt Buckle an absolute must-have for all who appreciate fine art and craftsmanship. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary wearable piece of art. Order now and be the envy of champions everywhere!

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