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Impact Zone Wrestling IMPACT Title Champion Belt

Impact Zone Wrestling IMPACT Title Champion Belt

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Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) IMPACT Title Champion Belt: A Piece of Wrestling Legacy

Experiencing the thrilling excitement and suspense of a wrestling match is one thing, but owning a piece of that rich, adrenaline-pumping history is an entirely different thrill. This is exactly what the “Impact Zone Wrestling IMPACT Title Champion Belt” offers.

 High-quality Replica

The Impact Zone Wrestling IMPACT Title Champion Belt is not just any ordinary merchandise; it’s a symbol of honour, of battle, of victory, and of the rich history of wrestling. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this belt is a high-quality replica of the one that your favourite IZW champions strap around their waist after a hard-fought victory in the ring.

 Feel Like a Champion

Put on the IZW IMPACT Title Champion Belt and you can almost hear the deafening roar of the crowd, see the flashing lights, and feel the tremendous anticipation of wrestling fans around the world. This piece of merchandise enables you to experience that victorious moment firsthand, right in the comfort of your own home.

 Authentic Design & Premium Materials

The IZW Impact Title Champion Belt replicates the original design and intricate details with impressive accuracy. Made with premium quality materials, featuring faux leather and snap closures, this belt delivers an authentic feel. The belt’s centrepiece showcases meticulously crafted 3D artwork, and embedded rhinestones give it that shine, fit for a true wrestling champion.

We send this belt from UK (Our warehouse). But sometimes we send the item from our factory in Pakistan.
UK Shipping Time 4 to 5 Working days – Once Payment received
USA & Canada Shipping Time 3 to 7 Working days – Once Payment received
Others Countries Shipping Time 5 to 7 Working days – Once Payment received
Additional Information:
All items are shipped as gift parcels and if there are any charges, duties or taxes apply on the customs of any country, the buyer will have to pay those charges to get his parcel. Which are not to much

Plate Material: Zinc Alloy(Brass)
Strap Material Quality: Real leather with snaps (Polyurethane)
Largest Waist Size: Standard Size (48″)
Weight: 5.50 lbs.
Main Plate Thickness: 4mm
Main & Side Plate’s length & width is almost the size of real belt.
Golden Strip on the end


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