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IWA International Wrestling Tag Team Champions Belt Zodiac Star Japanese Promote

IWA International Wrestling Tag Team Champions Belt Zodiac Star Japanese Promote

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Introducing the IWA World Wrestling Champion Belt: The Ultimate Accessory for Championship Glory

Step into the world of wrestling with confidence and style, wearing the prestigious IWA World Wrestling Champion Belt. This exquisite, high-quality belt is the ultimate accessory for enthusiasts, professionals, and fans who wish to display their passion for wrestling and experience the thrill of holding a championship belt.

Materials & Construction: Premium Quality for a Premium Experience

The IWA World Wrestling Champion Belt boasts an unparalleled standard of quality, ensuring a long-lasting and durable accessory that you can treasure for years to come. With its stunning appearance, this belt is a truly iconic symbol of triumph and success.

Plate’s Material: Brass

The solid brass plate is the foundation of the belt’s exceptional quality, providing a strong and sturdy base for the intricate design details.

Plate’s Thickness: 8mm

An impressive 8mm thickness adds to the overall durability and robustness of the belt, ensuring it always looks and feels like a championship accessory.

Plating: Gold Plating

The dazzling gold plating adds an opulent touch to the belt, making it an eye-catching centerpiece at any wrestling event or display case.

Strap Material: Genuine Leather Strap

To match the quality of the plate, the IWA World Wrestling Champion Belt comes with a genuine leather strap, promising both durability and comfort for the wearer.

Closure: Snap Fastener

The convenient snap fastener ensures seamless and secure closure for a hassle-free and comfortable wearing experience.

A Truly Beautiful Belt for the Ultimate Wrestling Fan

Each IWA World Wrestling Champion Belt is not just an accessory, but a work of art. The intricate design details and striking gold plating make for an unforgettable visual experience that showcases your pride and commitment to the wrestling world.

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