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Mid Altantic XL Wrestling Championship Belt

Mid Altantic XL Wrestling Championship Belt

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Experience a True Champion’s Feeling with the mid altantic xl wrestling championship belt

Feel the true power and honour of being a champion with our iconic product, the Mid-Atlantic XL Wrestling Championship Belt! This belt is not just another wrestling memorabilia, it is a testimony of success and hard work—a real mark of championship recognition in the world of wrestling.

Spectacular Design of the mid altantic xl wrestling championship belt

This premium quality championship belt features a stunning Mid-Atlantic design, specifically tailored to reflect the grandeur and glory of the wrestling world. The large, centre plate, embossed with intricate details, is flanked by four side plates, all of which are gold-plated and fused seamlessly with the high-grade, durable leather strap.

Exclusive Special Features 

The Mid-Atlantic XL Wrestling Championship Belt is not only a symbol of a championship win but also a treasured collector’s item for all wrestling enthusiasts. It’s exquisitely handcrafted with a meticulous eye for detail, giving it an authentic and striking appearance.

 Comfortable and Durable Material 

Crafted to provide comfort while worn, the belt is made from a high-standard leather material, ensuring a comfortable fit whether it is held aloft after a victorious match or displayed on a mantle. The solid metal plates, coupled with the resistant leather, guarantee longevity, preserving the honour and glory associated with the belt.

Product Details
Plates Material: Brass 
Strap Material: Genuine Leather 
Snap Fastener
Nickel Plating
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