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NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt (4mm Zinc)

NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt (4mm Zinc)

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Buy Your Very Own WCW Television Championship Replica Belt: A Piece of Wrestling History

When it comes to wrestling memorabilia, nothing stands out quite like a championship belt. For all the fans out there who’ve long admired these iconic symbols of victory, we now offer the coveted WCW Television Championship Replica Belt. This iconic symbol of wrestling history is an essential purchase that will make you the envy of your wrestling community.

A Piece of History

The WCW Television Championship replica belt represents a significant part of wrestling’s rich heritage. WCW, or World Championship Wrestling, was known for its intense rivalries, unforgettable superstars, and illustrious championship belts. The Television Championship, in particular, was held by some of the industry’s biggest names. Possessing a replica belt of such historical importance is a must for any true wrestling aficionado

Iconic Design

Our WCW Television Championship replica belt faithfully reproduces the original belt’s aesthetic appeal. Complete with stunning gold plates elaborately etched with intricate designs and set on high-quality leather, this belt is a sight to behold. The main plate showcases the WCW logo, and the word ‘Television Champion’ is artfully inscribed on it, mirroring the belt that fans admire on TV.

Superior Quality

The WCW Television Championship replica belt offered to you isn’t just some flimsy knock-off; it’s a premium product made with the highest quality materials. The plates are crafted with robust metals coated to give a gold finish, and the strap is made with top-grade leather, closely resembling the genuine championship belts.

Plate Material: Zinc Alloy

Very Deep Design
Main Plate Thickness: 4-5mm
Chrome Plating Plates

Back Red Leather Strap
Main & Side Plate’s length & width is almost the size of real belt.

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